Monday, March 23, 2015

10 Instagram Accounts that Keep Me Inspired


Howdy, Friends! How're you? Have I told you that I'm making serial blog posts about how to get inspired? Well, I think I haven't told you. So now, I tell you I will. Actually I am doing this now. And my latest post about Youtube channels that keep me inspired is one of the serial posts.

Well, smartphone is something that almost everybody has now. And with its name, it's really smart (humans are smarter though). You can have any application you want to work with your phone. Social media, games, books, and even for measuring. One of the most popular smartphone application is Instagram. You know, it's special for smartphone. Till now, I never know that you can do something on Instagram from your computer, except just for seeing pictures, but not uploading.

10 instagram acc

Nowadays, Instagram is used for many means. Someone can make an account for personal activities, artworks, online shops, event publication, companies, or, of course, fashion. Even, some people who post their OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) almost every day come to be the ones they called celebgram/selebgram (celebrity of Instagram?), who have more than thousands followers. Actually, I am the one who also likes to follow some of them, cause they usually have their own unique style, that can keep me inspired.

So these are Instagram accounts that I follow and perhaps where you'll find inspiration too.

1. cassandradini (
I don't know much about her. But I know she's from Bandung and she has a kind of job about fashion (I guess). Well, I just can tell that I love her fashion taste. I love her style. Her account is suitable for you who like to have monochrome outfits on your look. She's awesome and her Instagram is full of cool photos.

2. dwihandaanda (
She was a runner-up of World Muslimah Beauty 2012, a Muslimah beauty contest. Not just beautiful and tall, she has a good style. Perhaps because she has a lot to do in fashion (yes she was in a beauty pageant). She does some photo shoots and she also has a hijab business (or some).

3. anaoctarina (
Ana is a singer and, I guess, an actress too. She is a member of a girl band, named Princess. Her style is just cool. And the photographs on her Instagram accounts are just awesome! I don't have a lot to say. I just like it.

4. dhaturembulan (
She is a model in an agent in Bandung. She's a wife of an Indonesian band vocalist and also a mom of a little girl. But, she's so slim and beautiful. I think she looks alike an Indonesian actress, Cut Tari. In her Instagram, she usually posts her daily outfit and also her job activities as a model.

5. alikaislamadina (
The first time I know Alika was when I was a child. She was joining a children singing contest on TV. Yes, she's a singer and like Ana, she was a member of Princess, but now she's not. Just like I like Ana's Instagram, I like Alika's. She has a cool style that I love and awesome photographs. Seems like she went to beautiful places and museum once a week to take some awesome photos. I even want to visit museums (especially Galeri Nasional Indonesia in Jakarta) because of her. Now, she studies in Brisbane.

6. lookbook (
Actually, if you have a lookbook account, you can see their photos there. But Instagram is more simple, right? You don't have to be doubt about how cool the styles here, cause the styles posted here are the best on lookbook. And it's worldwide!

7. ootdmagazine (
Just like lookbook, this account has awesome photos from worldwide. They usually post, in one photo, three styles that alike, and ask the followers which one they most like. And they have cool photographers.

8. thataljundiah (
If you're a teen magazine reader and have an obsession to have style like what you see there, you should check her Instagram. She's a fashion stylist and editor of Hijabella magazine, a Muslim teen magazine. She also was an MC of a traveling program on TV. Her style is so unique and I love her very much. Not just fashionable, she has a lot of big dreams she desires to catch too.

9. indahnadapuspita (
First I know her, she's a model. I knew from my friend who's in Germany and in the same city with her, she's called Nada. But now, she launched her first single (No Me and You) and come to the music industry with the name, Puspita. Well, whatever her name is, she's so into fashion, she has pretty styles and pretty face. She also built her own hijab brand.

10. iymel (
I opened my old Hijabella magazine and I found that she apparently was a stylist of the magazine. She has cool style and I guess she actually has tomboy style. But, she sometimes comes with a feminine style too. With her cool style, she also has her own online shop on Instagram. After her marriage, she often posts her cooking activities on Instagram.

Okay, they were the Instagram accounts that I think have a lot of stylish photos. Let me know what Instagram account is your favorite. See you.



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