Saturday, April 26, 2014

See, Learn, Draw, Learn

I love fashion drawing. But I always draw the same poses. They're all standing women with one or two hands away from the body. And I feel it's so boring.

So, I start it again. Learning to draw fashion. I opened some magazines and instagram. I learned and estimate how to draw the pose I want. I draw it. And voila! I'm learning to draw some fashion poses :)

Actually this far, I've made two. Hehehe. It's just two and I hope there will be more drawing of fashion poses.

 photo DSCN9863_zps81a1f7a0.jpg
 photo DSCN9862_zpsa882d55a.jpg

 photo kolasefp1_zps312fe2aa.jpg

 photo kolasefp2_zps00f4cd51.jpg

I draw style. I draw fashion. I don't draw people. That's why there's not any eyes, nose, or mouth. In fact, I'm also not able to draw, hehehe. Hope you like it, lovely readers :) :*

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