Sunday, May 4, 2014

Polyvore, I'm in Love

Hi, Lovely Readers...

The title seems has 2 meanings. It's like I'm saying that "I love Polyvore" and in the same time I say Polyvore, "I'm falling in love with someone". Hehehe, ok, those are what've happened.

Some days ago, I tried to watch some videos on how to blog, how to be a good blogger. And on some videos, I found Polyvore, where we can make collages so easily. Of course, I'm so interested and excited on making some fashion collages. Planning on blog posting my creations on Polyvore whenever I don't have something to post, hehehe.

This is my first amateur works on My Polyvore :)

Stripe Rocks

Red Never Ends

Cute Glam

The Calm Spring

If you have Polyvore too, just do visit mine, comment, like, follow, and I'll try to see yours too. :*

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