Wednesday, April 2, 2014

4 Indonesian Fashion Bloggers

Assalamualaikum lovely readers…
It’s been long time no blogging. And it seems like I always say those words (that I’ve done no blogging for long time). Hihihi.
For now, I wanna tell you about some famous Indonesian fashion bloggers, whose blogs I always read. Actually I’ve planned to write about Indonesian fashion bloggers and hijab bloggers since time ago, but I really make it true now for Indonesian fashion bloggers. Hope you enjoy it! ^_^

1. Diana Rikasari (Hot Chocolate and Mint)
Saying her name, what passes my mind is: colorful, shiny, cheerful, happy mom and wife, shoes, creative.

-Colorful: Just look at her outfits! You’ll never find her with one tone of color I guess.
-Shiny: She’s always with bright colors, It’s what we physically see. She’s also a shining woman, famous and
inspirating. She also inspired me to make this blog.
-Cheerful: It’s back to the ‘colorful’ above. Colorful can mean cheerful, right?
-Happy mom and wife: Yeah, she loves them very much. She often writes a post about her cooking for his husband. She also posts some of her baby’s outfit pictures on Instagram.
-Shoes: No other reason except because she’s an owner of a shoe line, named UP. I also have a pair of her wonderful shoes for my graduation day.
-Creative: Her creativity is proved through her blog and shop. She sells her shoes for online shopping only, with the creative website. The customers even have a profile page and can download some ringtones and wallpapers. What a creative way to sell some pairs of shoes.

2. Sonia Eryka (The Riotous Belle)
She is a blogger, an actress, a model, a singer, and an entrepreneur in one person. Her style is so western. I think she is an experimental fashion blogger. She often changes her hair color with some bright colors, like red and green. I guess she’s inspired by Hayley Williams, the vocalist of Paramore, because she covers their songs too.

Her fashion items are so cool. Most of them are simple, clean, but adorable. Cropped tops, skirts, shorts, all are so western. I’m not sure whether it’s British, American, or European. That’s why, I just say it western. But really, I feel it’s so western. Or maybe, it’s a modern look? As she likes music too beside fashion, she sometimes names her blog posts with some song titles. Beside blogging on blogger, she also upload her videos on YouTube covering some famous songs and sang her own songs too. What a multi-talented blogger!

3. Evita Nuh (The Creme de la Crop)
A boyish litte girl. It’s amazing how she can be a famous fashion blogger in young age. She really can wear clothes like a boy! Just check a post about her holiday on her blog and you’ll find her outfits looked like a boy. She even has a very short hair, like a boy. She’s the type of blogger that likes to write a lot, but also never forgets photos. It’s wonderful how she expresses her sense of fashion and her loneliness. She always shows her innocent face, no expressions.

She’s a friendly blogger. I often see her tweets answering her readers’ questions on She also pleases her readers to send her an e-mail if it’s necessary. What a kind blogger. But for me, actually she’s mysterious.

4. Veren Lee (A Little Princess)
From her face, I guess she’s a Chinese who lives in Indonesia. Like Evita, she also do blogging in her young age. Her style shows a cheerful personality, yet girly. I think she’s not girly, she is so girly! She always wears colorful clothes and she wears skirts. She even wears stilettos. What a girly girl.

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