Sunday, April 6, 2014

COTTON(dot) is Coming!



I've been so bored with my last face of blog. So I planned to redecorate this blog, tidy up. And noooow, it's finally done with this face.

Not only the face, I also rename this. It's truly not easy to decide changing the name, but I'm no longer comfort with "Rose in the Ribbon". I feel it's too long for a blog name and I even can't say it properly. And it's also not easy to choose the new name, but finally I think of this short name, COTTON(dot).

I name it "Cotton", because cotton is a comfort fabric. I hope people can enjoy this blog and feel comfort with it, include the content and the design. Then, I wonder how will the header be. I think, "It will be nice if there is a dot (.) in the header". So, I add the dot (.) to the header and I name this blog COTTON(dot). ^_^

On the process of making the header, again, I'm confused. Trying this and that, actually just the color. But truly, color isn't a 'just' thing!

 photo unchosen_zps92380554.png

And this is the chosen header

 photo cottondot4_zps093ae0c6.png
This time I'm really serious to set up the theme for this blog. I even make all the buttons linked to my social media accounts. Before, I did it not all at once.

 photo icons_zps549f6ab7.png

Think of this blog again, I think I'll not make this blog into the specialized blog. I mean it's like a genre. I should make this a personal blog, since I don't really know what my passion is. And I'm still  trying this and that. Yeah, welcome to the new me (blog) ^_^

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