Friday, May 6, 2016

A Glance of Our Last Weekend

Hello, Pals. It's so glad that we have a long weekend here in Indonesia. You feel it, right?

I don't have any event this weekend but still staying in Surabaya because I will touch my tasks less if I go to Gresik. Realizing that my blog is so quiet these several weeks annoyed me, so I decided to make a post.

I don't have many to tell here, but my last weekend was awesome and tiring! Btw, all activities I post here were done by me and my friend, Ranti.

1. "Monggo Mampir" in Yello Hotel Jemursari

A sister in a women community asked me to be in a decor team for an event. The community is Srikandi Project (IG:@subwomenweek) and the event was held by Woman Blitz featuring Srikandi Project. The event was named "Monggo Mampir" and was held in Yello Hotel Jemursari. Like the name, the hotel was so yellowww. I probably wouldn't come if I was not in the decor team. But, I was, so yeah here I was.

I planned to come alone on the first day (Friday), but Ranti had no activities so I asked her to come with me. There, we joined the sharing session by an inspiring woman. Just in a little time, though. We decided to just visit the women-themed art exhibition.

In the second day, I accompanied Ranti to come to a movie talk show, a subevent of "Monggo Mampir. We watched two short movies and had a discussion about one of them. I'm not in a movie club or something about movie, but I enjoyed the event.

2. The Closing Night of PEKSIMITS 2016 (Pekan Seni Mahasiswa ITS)

I joined a poster design competition in PEKSIMITS last week, so it's a must for me to attend the closing night on Friday night. However, I was so optimistic that my poster design wouldn't win so I had decided not to go. But Ranti was the committee and she asked me seriously to come. So I came, at least I could enjoy the art performance. But Allah was so very berry kind to me. I was a 2nd winner! *I didn't take a photo with the trophy, though.

By the way, I love the dance performance and the theatrical performance. So much.

3. Urban Gigs

I tell you guys, I'm not a concert lover. But last week, I got a message from Urban Gigs (kind of promotion message) that they have GAC in Surabaya. For free. I should bold and capitalize it. GAC. FOR FREE. So, I asked Ranti to come with me after the movie talk show.

We came to Suroboyo Carnival and had a wonderful Saturday night singing along with Gamaliel, Audrey, and Cantika. Ranti was surprised and happy when she knew her favorite band, Payung Teduh also had a performance in Urban Gigs.

Alhamdulillah, it's a wonderful weekend.See ya, Pals




  1. Tempatnya bener2 instagramable banget mbak hehehe

    1. Iya background dinding kayak di yello hotel itu emang instagrammable ya


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