Sunday, March 13, 2016

What I Love to Capture with My Camera

Hello, Pals. How's your weekend? I hope it's good and productive, cause mine is not. And I feel bad, so I wrote a post to make it, at least, productive.

I would like to ask you, guys, do you like taking pictures? Or you're the kind of person who likes having your pictures taken? Well, I'm both kinds of person, hahaha. But when you take some pictures, what kind of picture do you like? You know, some people love landscape photography, some others love architecture photography, some others enjoy capturing people on their cameras, etc.

For me, I like taking pictures of clothes. People on the runway, cute dresses on mannequins, the details of some fashion, those kinds of pictures. That case, I can deliberately put my whole body on the ground, you know? If you remember my posts about Restu Anggraini, Tuty Adib, and Malik Moestaram on Moslem Fashion Festival, I sat on the ground in front of the stage, taking the pictures of the models who walked beautifully.

So please, any Fashion Week committee, invite me! LOL

Anyway, these pictures in this post were taken last semester, on the anniversary of Architecture in ITS. Probably, you wonder why the department of architecture's anniversary has a fashion show, but these were actually the designs belong to one of the alumnae, Lia Afif. And as I said before, I deliberately put my whole body (except my head) on the ground. And the event was held in the car parking area anyway. Well, increasingly I'm making a hyperbole, hahaha.

So, that's what I love to capture with my camera. They're not good quality photos actually. But they're taken 6 months ago! I hope I'm doing better now.

So, my question is...

Let's share with me on the comment below!




  1. Omg why you not doing jongkok instead tiarap xD
    I also like to capture things but.. Not fashion show. I'd like better to watch it with my heart (?????)

    1. Well I didnt say tiarap. It's duduk di lantai tapi hampir baring lah. Well, the explanation abt this was a hyperbole actually.


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