Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Walks on Bandung's Beautiful Street

Hello, Pals. How are you? I'm so glad that I finally had a mini photo hunting again. And it's in BANDUNG!

My sister asked me to accompany her coming to her boyfriend's graduation in ITB. She asked me to take some photos of them together so I had my train tickets paid by her. So happy! I have come to Bandung twice and I never feel enough. As you know, Bandung is full of good places to visit. And it's where to have good pictures of you. I swear!

Well, actually Bandung is where the boy that stuck in my head studies. *Skip! I should move on LOL*

I only had a day to walk in Bandung. My sister and I decided to go to Asia-Afrika Street, since it's a mainstream street for photographs and there is a famous museum there. We used 'angkot' (Dago-Pasar Baru) from Borromeus and got out at a street that we didn't know the name. The driver told us to walk straight to Asia-Afrika Street. But a better faith came. We walked a little and we're on Braga Street!

A friend in Bandung told me to visit Braga since he knows that I like taking pictures, that's why I'm so happy that we found the street. We passed through Braga Street and he's right! The street was so beautiful. Feels so europe with stores, outdoor benches, outdoor cafes, and textured road. It's so pedestrian-friendly. I fell in love in the first sight and imagined if Tunjungan Street in Surabaya can become like Braga in the case that it is really designed for human. *I started to write as an architecture student?*

Honestly, even I love Braga, it didn't have various spots for photos. The benches were same on every spot. The beautiful spots there were actually the facade of the restaurants. But as you may know, I'm a shy girl. It's impossible for me to take pictures in front of the opened restaurant. So, we just passed and arrived in Asia-Afrika Street.

Not like Braga, Asia-Afrika Street was a bit quiet. There aren't many activities outside there except some people who wanted to take pictures too. May be because in here, offices were more than restaurants, not like Braga that was full of restaurants. My sister and I posed here and there. Trying to get as many good photos as possible.

We came in the morning, so some restaurants on the street were not opened yet. I saw a pair of big yellow doors and then my taste and experience in seeing photos worked. Everybody knows a pair of big giant doors is perfect for outfit photos!

Dear Bandung...
You're so lovely. Alhamdulillah. I'm very grateful to be able to visit Bandung, a friendly city.

That quote above represents my feeling. Bandung is not just about geography. It's also about the feeling inside the heart. Hope to see you again, Bandung.



*the next post about my visit to Bandung is coming soon


  1. Taking a walk in Bandung been easier these days because of the pedestrian street is fixed an better than before!

    1. Really? I don't know how Bandung used to be. But I love Bandung every time I've been there

  2. Replies
    1. Bahasa inggrisku juga belum jago kok, jadi bahasanya mudah :)

  3. Bandung indeed beautiful and wonderfull town, i hope someday can comeback stay in Bandung 😊

    1. Indeed. I wanna go back there too.


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