Thursday, September 17, 2015

An Afternoon in Coban Rondo: The Labyrinth

Halo, Pals!

I know it's not a holiday time, but having a holiday trip with the lovely friends took much of my time. I didn't do blogging on my vacation, which made me late to post my trip on the blog. Although, holiday posts will never be out of date, will they? By the way, this post and the upcoming post will be full of photos. Cause that is what nowadays trips are for hahaha.

So, a day after our Panderman trip, my friends and I continued our trip to Coban Rondo, which is also in Batu.We went there in the afternoon. Coban Rondo is actually a waterfall, but the developer made some playing spots around it too.

We paid IDR 16,000 for every person and IDR 4,000 per motorcycle to get in and enjoy only the waterfall. So, if you want to try the other playing spots, you'll need to pay other fees. My friends and I decided to try the Labyrinth first before going to the waterfall. If I'm not wrong, we paid IDR 10,000 per person to get in the Labyrinth.

And yes, as I said it before, all we do were taking photos. And searched for each other, cause we're divided into two teams. My team were the last to reach the fountain, that was the center and the point of the Labyrinth. It's not easy to reach the center, you know? We even reached there through the shortcut. It's not something to be proud of, we know. But we didn't have much time. It's almost dusk! (Excuses, excuses, excuses)

See ya...



  1. But how..... you could take that photo from above XD
    Long time ago, it took me 2 hours to get out from a labyrinth. It's super hard :[

    1. Actually, there is a tower (shown in the last photo), where people can take photos from above the labyrinth. And yes, it's so hard, but finding the fountain is much harder I think. I even used the shortcut :(


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