Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Accidental Outfit Photo Shoot

For you to not get boring with my holiday posts, I'm writing this accidental outfit post, hahaha. Why is it accidental?

Last week on Saturday, I attended my senior's graduation. Since it's an important event, I dress up more than when I go to campus. And you know what? It's like, right after saying "happy graduation" and taking pictures, my friends and I went to do the on-site survey for our Architectural Design assignment. Without changing my clothes.

Do you realize it? I wore the same clothes for graduation event and survey. But fortunately, it was at dusk, a good time for taking pictures, hahaha. And, there were a lot of materials for waterways laid there. "A good background", I thought. That's why it was an accidental photo shoot.

Glasses by Google Swags

Beloved photographer and survey mate




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