Monday, July 6, 2015

When Navy Meets Others on the Rooftop


Hello, Dear. How are you? How is your Ramadhan, your holiday? I have nothing to do this holiday in my hometown (actually I have a task from the student union). But, I have a quite wide rooftop where I, a shy girl, can take some photos of me myself.

So, I decided to have some outfit photos taken on the messy rooftop. I admit that I have no tripod and use a stack of jerry cans to put my camera, haha. So, this is it! My outfit photos.

I currently love navy or dark blue (well, whatever its name). I just feel it matches every color. White, pink, yellow, baby blue, black, green, pretty much everything.

I am an active Instagram user, who never wants to miss any photo on my feed. My feed is mostly filled with OOTD photos and I see crop top everywhere. And you are what you read see on Instagram, so I also want to wear one. Since it may make us look taller. Oh and anyway, I've ever posted about how to style your crop tops.

I think it's good to mix my crop top with jogger pants (or jasmine pants? It seems so loose to me), so my hips will be concealed. And an oversized shirt worn as outerwear add more helps on concealing it.

And, I don't have any explanation about the shoes. That's my mother's. I just bring a pair of shoes and, in fact, I don't have many shoes, so I just wore them. It's good they matched other items.

Good Bye,


*p.s. I didn't look good on the photos (I mean it didn't focus on me) because I used the timer and still don't know how to use the focus well while using the timer. That's why I didn't take detail photos too.


  1. Super agree! Navy is the new black for us, right? XD
    I love those shoes!

  2. Yang mau nostalgia dg game lawas PS1 nih ane kasih linknya + Emulator PC dan Android. #HAPPYBLOGWALKING


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