Thursday, July 30, 2015

Brown on Brown Look

Finally, I got the chance, time, and the real spirit to write a blog post since I become more procrastinating this holiday. And for this time, this is an outfit post. Yeah! Well, let's just get to the point because I don't have much to tell.

This time, I tried to wear one color in a look. Almost everything was the same color. Everything was brown. Brown-white striped circle top (or outerwear?), brown jogger pants, mostly-brown pashmina, gold (which is close to brown) reflective sandals, and even brown necklace. The bag was the only item that was not brown because the exact same color in one look is just boring. And the bag was borrowed from my sister just for this amateur photo shoot. (Poor me don't have a good bag)

The top is actually not easy to define. Is it a top or an outerwear? It's a kind of cape you should wear by passing your head through the neckline, like wearing a blouse or t-shirt. The main thing is it's quite loose, so I think it will be good to be paired with skirts or pants that are not too loose. I chose to wear jogger pants because it's so easy to find these days. And just so you can comfortably wear your 'cape' to the mall. But because it's quite short, pairing it with a wide skirt is not bad I think. Should I try next time?

In this look, I wear pattern on pattern, but in the same color, like what I've written on my past blog post about pattern items. The pattern items were the striped outerwear which was paired with the floral pashmina, which I wore as my recent-like hijab style. I played safe here with the patterns in same color.

Something Borrowed Double-Band Reflective Sandals

Any opinions? Let me know through your comments!




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