Saturday, June 20, 2015

My Magazine Collections

Last week, my friends and I moved to a new house. We planned to move in the morning and I packed my things a night before. While packing my books, include magazines, I had just remembered that I should do one more post about where I got inspired from. Because I planned to have some serial posts although they didn’t come one after another.

And when I found them, I directly set the background, put the magazines as I wanted, turned on the camera, and took some photos from various angles.

I’m not a girl who’s stuck only on a title of magazine. I have a favorite magazine, but it’s not a must for me to buy it every month. Sometimes I buy other magazines just because they give us pretty prizes. Sometimes I buy the cheaper one because I’ve already spent much money not long time before I planned to buy a magazine. So, these are some titles of magazines I found in my collections:

Cosmo Girl Indonesia
This magazine always concerns about the prizes given to the readers. The prizes are always prepared seriously. They’re pretty, wearable, and useful. The most reason I bought this magazine is the prize. I got an agenda book and a bag (I daily use to bring my A3 sketch book) by buying this magazine.

But well, because it is a magazine, of course, I still aware with the content. I like Cosmo Girl because it is for the teenagers, and it’s so teen. The content is not heavy, it’s fun. And the most important is there are a lot of fashion contents. I can find fashion photography, mix and match, celebrity, and many more about fashion. However, because it’s for teenage girls, not only for those who love fashion, there are also some tips and tricks about teenagers’ life. And it’s thick enough for a thirty thousand rupiahs (IDR 30000) monthly magazine.

Elle Indonesia
I only have one edition of this magazine. I was curious about this famous fashion magazine. One day, I found this magazine had two sizes, and the small one was cheaper. I think the price was the same with Cosmo Girl.

The contents are really good because there is so much about fashion. I also found some street styles and tried to draw it for learning purpose. Somehow, I think teenagers are not this magazine’s market. Because there are some adult contents included inside.

The first time I bought this magazine was when I was in Senior High School. That time, I rarely bought magazines, but I was really in my mood to read a magazine. So, I explored the ‘Magazines’ shelf in the bookstore and found this new name. I found it interesting because at that time, not many Islamic magazines were packaged in modern way. They’re boring. But this magazine really looked fashionable and also cheap, so that I bought it happily.

Reading some editions of Annisa magazine, I think this magazine’s concept is like Elle, but in the Islamic way. Well, I’m not really sure about the concept, but I feel like that. The fashion items in the magazine were quite expensive and mature. That’s why I think this magazine doesn’t focus on teenagers.

This magazine is about house and interior design. This magazine is really cheap, only IDR 20000. I bought it very very very rare. Just when I realized that I am an architecture student and house is a part of architecture. Hahaha. Yeah, I enjoy reading fashion magazines more.

This is my very favorite magazine. I’ve ever written a review about one of the editions. Why do I love Hijabella? It’s because Hijabella is an Islamic teen magazine. You may begin to question why I always mention teen magazine as my favorite. It’s because teen magazines don’t have heavy contents. They’re fun and colorful. Those are important because I read magazines to take a break from stressful activities.

I really love this magazine as if I’m one of the family or crew, but I don’t know what to say about it. It has a lot of contents about fashion. The fashion styles are wearable and easy to follow. However, because it’s a magazine, some make-up and accessories are not wearable. The layout is so fun and colorful. The crews are so familiar on Instagram. I even want to be one of the crew in the future. I really hope even though I don’t know which way I must take to be able to be there. As you may know, I’m an architecture student.

Oh, and an interesting thing about this magazine is the cover models. Usually, the celebrities who don’t wear hijab become the cover model. I think they have a mission so the celebrities who don’t wear hijab in their daily life can know how it feels to wear hijab. A very good idea I think.

I always wanted to buy this magazine, because this is the most famous magazine among hijabers I think. Unfortunately, the prize is not friendly enough for me. But it’s such a wonderful day when I found it in a lower price 2 weeks ago.

From the design, I know this magazine is a kind of professional magazine. The layout is simple. The fashion styles are quite mature. I love it because they have many good articles. The articles are very good and useful.

Okay dear, those are some of my magazine collections. Inspirations may come from anywhere, include what you read. I suddenly hope this blog can be one of an inspiration too someday, like when I make the magazines source of inspirations.




  1. Have you ever bought Kawanku Magazine? It's only Rp15.000 and also thick enough and the content, it's also interesting. I think Kawanku is the most cheaper but good magazine, ehe.

    1. I often read it when I was in SHS, actually it is my friend's, hehehe. I love it so much. But after knowing Hijabella, I prefer to buy Hijabella because it is a hijab teen magazine. And Kawanku doesn't have fashion contents as many as other magazines.


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