Saturday, December 21, 2013


Oh my Blog!!!! Long time no see you. (Or maybe) Long time no writing on you!!! Being an architecture student makes me attacked by deadlines. My friend said I'm the deadliner. But certainly I'm bored with it. So, I took my 7th edition Hijabella magazine. Killed my boredom taking pictures of some of the pages. And then, wrote some comments, tagged what I like, and guessed the designers of the clothes. More exciting than the deadline -.-

I like Hijabella magazine. Cause it's an Islamic teen magazine. In this edition (7th), for the fashion rubric (and actually the others too)...

I love these styles so much:
 photo CYMERA_20131218_163316_zps7a7cb9bf.jpg
 photo CYMERA_20131218_151911_zps9a38e45f.jpg

I wonder if I wear these stuffs:
 photo CYMERA_20131218_160316_zpsbb5f36b4.jpg

Love these cool-unique-sweet-cheerful stuffs and wanna make the similar things:
 photo CYMERA_20131218_160154_zps41430b7e.jpg

My wanna-have items:
 photo CYMERA_20131218_155844_zps43d12811.jpg

I did guessing the designer of each item (It's stated that the items are designed by Dian Pelangi and Lenny Agustin):
 photo CYMERA_20131218_150013_zpsa68f8339.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20131218_150407_zps44654f98.jpg
I'm sure the clothes in the pictures above were designed by Lenny Agustin. I always admire her designs. You can look the great details of origami here, can't you? I'm sure you can! (Cause I made the arrows, hehe)

And actually I love all items in all the pictures and I did the comments here. Thank you for reading, guys. And now, it's your time to leave your comments for this post. I'd like to see your comments :')

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