Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Magazine Freak

Huwaaaaa.... Long time no blogging made me crazyyeeeeh...

About ten days ago I had a flight (again) from Manado to Surabaya. And I'm as a magazine freak, couldn't fly well without any fashion magazine, haha. So, I decided to buy any magazine I saw. And I got a Wonder Teen Magz. But, it's not the point. The happiest thing for me was to find two rubrics that discussed about my favorite designer and fashion blogger, Dian Pelangi and Sonia Eryka.

 photo DSCN9651_zpsa3e92f92.jpg
Don't notice the plastic bag :)
These pictures show you the best part of the rubrics that I love so much.

 photo SoniaEryka2_zps68d48d34.jpg
*The blue line says, "Wardah loves this part so much" haha :D

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