Thursday, December 26, 2013

Exploring Pasar Baru

Jast haved a trip to West Java with my lovely second family, MIZUMOUZA. On the first and second days, we have fun in Subang. Then, we went back to Bandung. On the third day, I spent a day shopping with my besties in Pasar Baru and Cibaduyut. Having a little budget, I spent most of money in Pasar Baru and just buying some "Bandung" t-shirts in Cibaduyut for some cousins. What a beautiful trip! :') I got some nice stuffs in low-cost!!! Just wanna tell you, guys, that you can play your style with all low-cost stuffs, like me.. Hehe..

 photo exploringpasarbaru_zps998e2ba0.jpg

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