Saturday, April 18, 2015

For the Love of Long Vest


Ah, you know? Recently, I  have a very favourite fashion item I often see on medias. As you know, I always browse about fashion wherever whenever, even most of instagram accounts that I follow are about fashion. I don't know, perhaps there are many photos of it (my recent favourite fashion item) there. And I started liking it, I wanna have one!

I don't know if it's still a trend, cause I think the item appears mostly in winter or other cold weather, but who cares?

And what is it?

*jeng jeng jeng...*

For the Love of Vest

Yeah, as I said before, I think this item appears mostly in cold seasons, like fall and winter. But, actually it's not. There are some materials that can be used to make the long vests. Some are made of thick fabrics, or even fur. But, we'll find the long vests may use the flowy, light, thin fabrics, especially in hot or warm seasons. In a tropical country, like here Indonesia, that is so warm even in a rainy season, the second one (thin fabrics) are the appropriate choice I think.

Well well, apart from which one is good for cold or warm season, I made some collagesss!!! (As always). Well, I didn't consider about the weather here. 'Cause style is what I care more (than weather). Hahaha.

Long Vest 1

1. Stripey Spicy
This is definitely a casual look, with mixes of casual outfits. They are all casual a comfort fabrics from head to toe. Cashmere scarves, top and skirt made of elastic fabrics, lightweight long vest made of chiffon, and a pair of slip-ons are the best for your girls-day-out days. Use a mini sling bag for hang out or a chic backpack for hectic school days as a finishing. Stripey socks are cool too. A red skirt makes you hot enough, right?

Long Vest 2

2. Cool Workers are So Cool
Who says we can't be stylish for our jobs? We can do everything with a cool bold long vest. Choose your pastel items from head to toe. Eh but wait! Don't forget your black long vest to boost your style and help you to be bold.

Long Vest 3

3. Never Ending Explorer
A boyish girl can be stylish too. An explorer, wild activities lover, or even a warm kind hearted girl will want to wear army-ish outfits. A long vest just helps you not to be an ordinary explorer. Be wild but keep stylish, you, explorers!

Long Vest 4

4. Rosy Chic
Now, you realize that long vest can be flowy too, right? The rule of this look is so easy. Choose a basic dress or the same color of top and skirt. Use the flowy-patterned long vest and choose a scarf that has the related colors. A rose sling bag is just for supporting the rose-y theme. Pick a solid one if you want.

Do you like them? I hope it inspires you. I hope you need it. If not, well, then, um... Just write down in the comment box below what you really need me to write about. Thank you. Ciao ciao.



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