Monday, April 13, 2015

[Event Review] Malang Fashion Day 2015

Two weeks ago, I visited Malang for Malang Fashion Day 2015. The event was held by an entrepreneur club in Malang National University (UM). They wanted people, especially youth, to have more knowledge about entrepreneurship, especially in fashion. This was held in a city that I only could reach in about 3 hours. I wouldn’t come unless my friends in Malang asked me to come. So I was so happy for having friends who like to come to a fashion event. I don’t have any in Surabaya (friends to come). That’s why I ran to Malang, well, by bus actually.

So, my friends and I actually got disappointed cause the event begun late. We came at 8 in the morning ‘cause the rundown said that’s the open gate time. But we arrived there and it’s like… empty? Well, we got the positive effect though. The place felt like ours and we could take photographs in the photo booth as many as we could, till we can’t pose anymore in front of the camera. Hahaha.

One of the MC played a violin

Performance from Save Street Child (SSC) Malang
So, the first speaker was Marius Wiyarto (who came at the same time like us), the owner of C59. Do you know C59? It’s a clothing brand which sells a lot of t-shirts, even reach Europe. Cool, huh? He talked a lot about branding. There were a lot of things he gave us and I could learn from him. But what I noted the most is that a brand is so important and expensive. He gave an example of a batik product sold without any brand and it costs just hundred thousand rupiahs. But he can use his brand and sell it million rupiahs. We also need to have our own personal branding first before our product branding.

Then, the second talk show was about fashion marketing in the digital era. For this talk show, they invited Google Business Group and David Yuwono, a young entrepreneur, the owner of Drybag. Actually for these two speakers, we could get two things, two ways of marketing through internet. From GBG, he told us that Google has adWords as their internet marketing product that helps business easier to find and sell. In other side, David as a regular in internet marketing told us that he used natural way to make his brand easy to find and always be the number one in google search. What’s so interesting for me was that David started his business by posting a product photo on every trade forum on internet. This way really inspired me to do the same thing. I’m making clothes little by little and will sell them on trade forums on internet. Wish me luck, sisters and brothers!

The last and the most waited talk show was with Ghaida Tsurayya as the speaker. That was my first time seeing her in real, after being her followers on instagram for a long time. She is so ‘Sunda’ and I like it. I asked her where she usually gets inspirations for her clothing products. She said that the inspirations are from blogs, magazines, shops, malls, markets, and clothes she found in other countries. Simple, huh? That’s why I like it. It made me think that being a fashionpreneur is possible for me. The fact that she was not a bachelor in fashion is the supporting reason. She inspired me in case that she, at first, have her products tailored by the people who didn’t work for her. Until she finally had her own tailor.

Beside the talk shows, in this event, there was make-up tutorial by Wardah Cosmetics (yes, my name) and hijab tutorial from some ladies (the hijab ambassador of a newspaper or something like that). The make-up tutorial was for the natural look and simple (they said), I never put some makeup on though. The ladies gave us some hijab tutorial for casual, sport, college, and holiday.

And another waited event was fashion shows. There were a lot of fashion shows, from a fashion school and designers. Unfortunately, I only had a pocket camera and a smartphone that were so bad for indoor and low lighting. So, it’s so hard to get good quality photos. I found lately that taking videos was a better choice and made a kind of resume videos for fashion shows I watched in Malang Fashion Day.

So, thanks a lot for making this event. I think I got addicted to this kind of event. So, if you have any information about fashion that may increase my knowledge and motivation (and easily reachable from Surabaya), please kindly inform me. Thank you.



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