Saturday, January 24, 2015

How to Style Gingham Prints


How's your day? Now I'm back with styling post. Again and still, with Polyvore. Since I don't have real model and enough clothes.

Have you read my post about 2015 Fashion trend? There, I said that one of fashion trend is gingham prints. So right now, I'd like to show you how to mix gingham item on a look. When I made them on Polyvore, I realized that the gingham item I used are all black. Then, I added 2 looks which used other colors of gingham. So here it is. I have 6 looks for you.

For the first look, I used gingham midi dress. Cause it's for hijabers, so we could put on black cardigan to cover the arms and jeans to cover the legs. To cover the hair, let's wear a blue scarf that matches the jeans' tone. The clutch matches the scarf's color and the shoes match the cardigan and dress. Finally, I finished up this look with candy colored bracelets.

Gingham Mini dress

The second look is sporty. Gingham crop shirt is used to cover the body after wearing a black basic shirt. Next, wear that unique harem pants. For the scarf, I used green because it matches the harem pants. And then, add some accessories that are sporty too, like sneakers and a cool tote bag.

Gingham Crop Top

I don't know the theme of this third look. I just made it. The gingham item I used here is a mini skirt. Paired with a white blouse, it simply chic. For the scarf, I use white with a black a hat on it, so it stays simple. Wear a pair of red pants to colorize the look. A red bag is ready to match the pants and get ready to step with ankle boots!

Gingham Skirt

In the forth look, the gingham is blue and it's a sleeveless crop shirt. I mix it with a white maxi skirt. The skirt is not wide so you'll look straight. So, put in a denim jacket to boost your look! Add some accessories and step with a pair of white ankle boots!
Funky Lady Gingham

The fifth look is soooo chic and girly. I think it's suitable for a working woman. I think it's a good way to dress in the office. As a usual office look, I used blouse and pants, and both are white. Wear a pink gingham midi dress and also pink scarf. Add some accessories and voila! You'll be the best woman in the office.

Mini Dress Gingham

And finally the sixth look!!!! *hosh hosh*
It's a little bit odd. It's girly but also boyish. I pair a pink long sleeve shirt with a gingham maxi skirt. To rock the style, I chose a denim vest that was so rock!!! Pink scarf is a choice to still look chic. Heels and backpack is a must...
Gingham Maxi Skirt

By the way, I saw a TV program played a music video which is soooo 2015 fashion trend. Yes! It's Gingham Check by JKT48

Hope you like it! Leave some comments or suggestions or request or anything on the comment box below. See ya! :)


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