Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Fashion Trend: 70's, Gingham, Suede


How's your day guys? Or how's your 2014? Hope it was good and full of happiness. Mine is not very special, but I'm thankful for every single thing Allah has given to me. Though, sometimes I did complaining too.

Well actually, I don't really want to talk about 'what's your achievement in 2014' or 'what's your resolution' kind of things. As I planned this blog maximally for fashion, I'd still talk about fashion hehehehe....

So, it's about 2 or 3 weeks ago when I saw a hiring announcement to join internship in a fashion department. It was posted on Instagram by a fashion stylist, Thata Aljundiah. She works in the fashion department of a magazine, Hijabella. It's my favorite magazine, since it's for moslem teenagers and it's full of fashion. Really recommended!

I decided to join though it seems too late :( They asked us to send CV, Photo, and portofolio. Since I'm not (haven't been) really styled people and just play with my Polyvore, I decided to just send some of them and made an article. I wrote a little (so little) about 2015 fashion trend. I wrote it based on some Youtube videos and some articles. So, this fashion trend I wrote was from what we could see in New York Fashion Week 2015 that was held about 3 months ago.

Check this out!

The wheels are always turning. Well, so are the fashion trends are always spinning. In 2015, '70s style will come back. Prepare see bell-bottoms pants and other items that are loose. Suitable for hijabers huh?

2015 Trend: '70s Style

Gingham Prints
Clean, nice, elegant. Gingham print has it! This simple motive is going in again in 2015. Ready for picnic, girls?

2015 Trend: Gingham Prints

Colorful Suede
With this single material, we do not need to do some efforts to look luxurious. It's enough with the simple mix and match, suede will still stand out! Moreover in 2015, the colors of suede increasingly varied. You can look elegant in all situations.

2015 Trend: Colorful Suede

Well, it's my little writing work hehe. I'm actually not the one who's stuck in a trend. I'm trying to be up to date though. I'm planning to have some gingham prints (one is enough). And I think, it's not the trend that lead us, but we who make the trend. Keep stylish!

*I actually used Google translate for some sentences in this post since this is my suddenly-want-to-blog post, hehehe. I think their translation is getting better (y)

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