Friday, February 23, 2018

An Attempt to Contemporary Bohemian Style

... and I thought it was a fail.

I believe that the no #1 rule of being authenticly stylish is not to stick to any rule. However, I'm not saying the following pictures you'll see showing the concept of bohemian style.

It was my duty day and the event was themed bohemian. Everything is bohemian-inspired. So, rather than buying new clothes (and sandals), I peeked into my old wardrobe and found my sister's tribal top. And you know? I think there are just 2 bohemian items that I wore that day. They're the top and the necklace that you won't see unless I told you. I wore my DIY kimono outerwear because boho is usually defined with loose outerwear, but this outerwear is actually... just not.

Well, let's say my upper part's bohemian style was saved by the top. The lower parts will be no boho at all. For the pants, it's another treasure from my old wardrobe, my aunt's old jeans. It won't matter if I just let the hem be and wear heels. But I am on the documentation team, so I prefer wearing a pair of comfortable sneakers and double-rolled up my jeans.

Voilà! A mix of bohemian and... hip hop?



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