Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Steal Her Look: Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning is one of the young actress in Hollywood. As a rising star, she always looks gorgeous. Her looks are defined young, calm, and classic.

1. Young
Young looks can be shown by wearing some bright colors in one look. Geometric pattern also can bring this feel. Just see how Elle mixed geometrical bright items in one look like this.

Steal her look: Elle Fanning

Young look can also appear from a sporty look. Elle was adorable to mix girly item with some sporty items, just like this.

Steal her look: Elle Fanning

2. Calm
I always think that Elle is a kind of calm girl. Yeah, she never looks too sexy with opened clothes everywhere, and I hope she'll not. I just like seeing her serenity. Mixing a tone of colors in one look will bring a calm look, and neutral colors will not put the feel out.
Steal her look: Elle Fanning

3. Classic
Every time I see her looks on red carpet or even on the street, I feel like seeing an old actress in her young age. Sometimes she's just like a figure in a tale. She's just so classic and elegant!

Steal her look: Elle Fanning

Steal her look: Elle Fanning

By the way, it's my second serious post about styling, guys. What do you think. I realllyyyy do need your comments and suggestions!!! You can also request for some styling idea. Please leave everything below, guys! Have a great day and be happy! ^_^

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