Monday, April 11, 2016

The Girl That Picked the Wrong Ball


A 17-years-old girl had just been the student in college
The girl didn’t have any close friends from her major in the first year
The girl couldn’t find a suitable friendship there
The girl took a visit to other majors’ people
She enjoyed it, but she thought it’s not the time to take some visits any longer
She feels that her major didn’t let her go anywhere, so she just didn’t go
Crying alone in the midnight
Every day

The day has come
She found some girls who didn’t fit in the life in their major
She found the suitable friendship for her
But they had made a life outside the major
They already had different ball of communities
The girl was the only one who hadn’t had anything yet
They’re still together somehow because they shared the same fate

The day has come
She’s pleased to pick any ball of communities
She didn’t pick a ball she thought she’d like
The ball that she actually thought consisted of suitable friendship for her
She thought that she won’t understand the topic
She was just lack of confidence

She picked a ball that she thought she’d like too
But the ball rejected her

In the same time with the ball rejecting her, she thought of something
She lived in the major every day and she couldn’t find any close friend?
“I’ll be a stranger here, I’ll want to close my face every day”, she thought
So she tried it, picking the ball that actually she didn’t like
In her major
Finding out if probably any friendship in her major could accept her
The last ball I told you accepted her

She handled the ball for about twenty times of full moon
She was bored
Very berry bored
She worked, not made a friend
She was bored working for the same ball without any close friend
Her works became like a mountain’s silhouette
It’s going up and then going down again

Now she knows that probably she just had to stop looking for friendship
She just had to stick to the friendship she has made
Maybe she just needed to pick some balls in a short period for each

And now she wanted to know if anyone out there had the same experience
Or almost same experience, maybe?
If not, well, she only wanted to let any other people knows
And to say sorry to whose hearts had been hurt by her



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