Sunday, February 28, 2016

Blogging Tips Video and My Blog Apps

Hello, Pals...

Lately, I feel like I've ignored my blog since my academic and organizations tasks took much of my time. It's so sad because last year, I have some targets for my blog and I did it! I fulfill almost all the targets. But, it's not the same in this 2016.

You know, even though I don't look like a serious person (do I?), actually I feel like I'm an idealist one sometimes. Or do you call it perfectionist? That I want everything is good, well-managed and so on. It shows on my blogging activities. It turns out I ignore my blog.

Then, I watched a video from my favorite blogger, Diana Rikasari about Top 10 Blogging Tips. She said that to do blogging, just post the topics you like and just post EVERYTHING! So, I'm doing it now. Posting everything I want to keep the consistency of this blog.

Oh, and do you know guys, my blog is now going mobile! Now, you can have "World of Wardah" apps on your phone. It's so cool because it will be easier for you to read my newest posts. And because it's easier for you to access it, I hope you can give your opinion about what topics I should post on my blog. Cause you know, I'M LACK OF IDEAS, so please help, Pals!

To download my apps, please click this link for Android users and this link for iOS users.



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