Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Social Media Rules

I used to always appear on social media. Until the level where I thought that online living is as important as real life. Well, I still do think the same. I still think that online living is important nowadays. But, it's just getting less exciting for me currently.

I don't know why. Probably just because a person whose social media I always cared started to disappear in his online living. Or maybe I'm just getting bored because I am handling so many social media accounts for organizations in college.

Then, yesterday, I found Sonia Eryka's post on Snapchat.

Then I think that probably I am a fake person on the internet. Maybe I take online living too seriously. I am less spontaneous. Maybe I am not who I really am, or forget to know more about who is the real me. That maybe taking online living for fun is fun. Probably I don't need to look so professional in taking photos or updating my blog.

And anyway, I decided to focus to be good in real life after some sort of 'an amateur love story' happened. Thank you my favourite blogger, Sonia Eryka, to make me realize that even in social media life, we should keep being an actual human being.



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