Sunday, November 22, 2015

#SelfReminder: Find Perfect Mates!

Hi, Pals. It's now official that I was not selected as Tokopedia Student Top Ambassador batch 2. It was sad at first, but now I'm fine. Really fine.

Like other girls, I like sharing with girl besties. I told one of my besties my sadness. Like, why there's one who's always accepted in what they're registering. She said it's because what's go public is the success of people.

Then, I really want to share this to people around the world. So, people (especially teenagers) won't get crazy sadness when they get rejected from an opportunity. So, they don't feel alone. If we're not success in an opportunity, then just keep trying on other opportunities. Because sky is so wide. If a point is not yours, probably there is an area of yours. We just haven't seen it.

I remembered a lecturer ever said that a place is also a kind of mate. Probably other opportunities too. If we're rejected to be a crew of an event or media, a staff of an organization, a scholarship recipient, it's not really because we're not capable. We just don't match the opportunity. That's why we should try as much as possible. The more we try, the more possibilities will come. Rejections will come more though. But, just keep searching for the perfect mate!




  1. Well, yea. Being rejected is not a problem. You're succeed in your own way. Keep holding on, Wardah! ❤


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