Friday, November 20, 2015

A Step to Be A Better Me

Living in my late teenagers (my age won’t be ended with ‘teen’ next year) I’ve just realized that life should be for helping people. I mean, I used to know that we should always help people. But this thought is different. Being in my third year of college, I meet new people, new thoughts, amazing thoughts. I learn much from those who always think of other people.

Every time I was interviewed to join some organizations or events committee, my reasons are just for my own experience, my own knowledge, and my own network. I always just look at my own world, my own life, me-oriented in the end. I used to think that thinking for others is too high for me, too big. But now I think that thinking (or living) for others is not just when we come to a slam and giving foods to the poor people there. I think it’s less physical. Like when we want to give a smile to our parents or giving people a better living, not through money or foods.

Based on this thinking, I tried my best on a student program, named Tokopedia Student Top Ambassador batch 2 that were held in Bandung, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta. This program is formed to develop student’s skills in leadership, entrepreneurship, and professional ability. Some other benefits like scholarships and working opportunity were mentioned on their poster. Some requirements and steps were mentioned too. I fulfilled the requirements and sent my creative CV that I made a day before the deadline. Honestly, there were some go-or-not-to-go moments during the registration period and I finally made it to-go.

Firstly, I registered with some me-oriented reasons and for my parents. I want them to know that I’m not just a daughter who always asks for money to buy some clothes or go holiday. I want them to know that I can be a useful person for other people. I am sure they are happy as long as their daughters are happy. But, … yeaaah just let it be my thought.

Anyway, actually I didn’t know what to do for the Tokopedia Student Top Ambassador interview. Just to ensure myself that I’m ready for the interview, I browsed some information about Tokopedia and watched some videos from their channel on Youtube. From the videos, I found that this business was made with the thinking for others, not profit oriented. They mentioned it “model bisnis terindah di dunia” or likely “the greatest and most beautiful business model in the world”. It gave a strong motivation for me to join this program. Being a part of a business that made with thinking for others’ sake probably will make me a good individual too.

By the way, I’ve done the interview with Tokopedia Nakama (a name for people who work in Tokopedia) in an awesome yet homey co-working space. It’s last week’s Wednesday and even though the location was quite far, I met many ITS students there. They’re amazing students that are active in some organizations and community. So, wish me luck, Pals!

Oh, and I don’t know if it’s allowed or not. But just for sharing, I was not asked a question about the business of Tokopedia. Their questions were still related to our CV and activities, exclude some other base questions in an interview, such as self-introduction and motivation to join this program. And for the study case, they asked for some event ideas that suitable for students. It’s a good thing that I was in a Google Students Group and know that a Google Student Ambassador should make an event in the college. So at least, I’ve prepared some ideas while waiting for my interview time and not took a long time to answer the question. So, again, wish me luck, Pals! They said the chosen students will be contacted most lately this week's Friday, which means today. And they haven't contacted me yet :(




  1. And did they contact you?
    Well, at least you try xD
    Best luck for you, Wardah! ❤

    1. Well, finally, they didn't contact me. Yes, I'm not selected. And I'm still fine :)

  2. i hope you got it! and if you didn't, well, belum rezekinya aja... there will be other opportunities. reading this post made me smile because you seem very eager to learn new things. it always perks me up to encounter people who love learning new things. best of luck for your future endeavours!

    1. Thanks so much for your support. I'm sure you're a very good person. Dan rejeki aku belum di sini. But still, I'll take other opportunities :)


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