Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hater's Gonna Hate

I am neither a celebrity nor a popular to have a hater. I’m just a blogger who shares thoughts, shares compliments, opinions and advices with other bloggers. I’m habitual to nice words and nice ethics in being online. But, after living with such a nice atmosphere online, I’ve just known that social media could be harmful. Even without dirty words, the rude meanings could come to the heart and head of people. Those humiliating words might be stuck in the head (forever?), especially when we accept it for the first time.

I don’t know if that kind of people may never learn about husnudz dzan. Being online, we should not just believe in what we see. Also, we should think of the goal or the process people have as the reason why what’s seen doesn’t match what’s good in our opinions. I’m not really good at my study, but I think I could get that way of thinking while studying architecture and watching Korean dramas.

Can’t you just scroll down if you don’t like some photos or posts?

Can’t you use as polite words as possible?

I was taught to use ‘not bad’, ‘quite good’, ‘it’s good, but…’, ‘in my opinion,…’. So, could you use kind of those too?

Could you think twice of what it can affects people whose accounts you comment if you use humiliating words? (Please think about it before leaving a comment!)

By the way, rather than calling them haters, I should probably say they’re the judges who don’t have references. Hater’s gonna hate, judge’s gonna judge. Let’s think twice before leaving a comment. Remind me if my words are also not good in in the past or future. Please forgive me.

A self reminder



  1. Haaaaaa I knew it, I saw it on Instagram.
    I know you're unique and strong, so be faithful in yourself and keep doing the best thing, Wardah!

    1. Thanks for your support. Now I know why there are many people take actions against cyberbullying.

  2. Whoaaa did I miss something? :O
    Don't ever listen to people's judging. They just don't really know what they talked about. ;)

  3. Agreee, menyampaikan opini di blog adalh kebebasan berpendpt

    1. Actually for any social media I guess. Asalkan beretika


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