Wednesday, June 3, 2015

National Economic Symposium 2015


Hi! It's my first post on June. So, hello, June! How do you want your June will be?

This June will be really special, because...

Holiday is coming. This year I'll go to my hometown (or my parents' house? My childhood town?). More special, I'm planning to have my first day of Ramadhan there. I think it's already 7 years not having my first day of Ramadhan there in North Celebes.

As I mentioned to you in the last post, that I'm busy preparing for an economic event in my University. I'm in the division of design and there are a lot of things to do. Tickets, certificate, and even souvenirs for the speakers. I'll be so glad if you could come to the event and see my works, hahaha.

Well, that's not the matter. Let me tell you a little about the event. The event is National Economic Symposium. This event is held by The Ministry of Economy of ITS Students Council (BEM ITS, well, I don't really know the English). There are 2 kinds of event, seminar and symposium. What I want you to join is the seminar, because the symposium is for the delegations invited from some universities (you might be the one lucky student of all delegations).

WHAT - The seminar concerns about the condition of the economy in Indonesia. The speakers will talk a lot about economics problems in Indonesia and strategies for the better economy of Indonesia.

WHO - This seminar is for all college students in Indonesia and the speakers are:

1. Joko Susanto, M.Sc. - An academics, economist, and practitioners. He got his master from The University of London and I heard it's the top university especially for its economics major.

2. Dipl. Ing. Tsamanov Roestiandi - The CEO of PT DSI Laser International Indonesia. Here is more about him.

3. Roy Darmawan, S.E., M.Psi. - He is the staff at Ministry of Economy of The Republic of Indonesia. He must know well about economics problem in Indonesia.

4. Doddi Madya Judanto, S.E., M.Sc. - The Director of PT. Enciety Binakarya Cemerlang. Just search his name on Google and you'll find some articles about him talking about Economy.

WHERE - It will be held in Sawunggaling Ballroom, Surabaya. It's the same location as the office of Mayor of Surabaya.

WHEN - June 6th, 2015. Some people asked me the time, cause it's not mentioned on the poster. I tell you the seminar will start at 8 am. So, you should come before 8 am to *what? Login?

WHY - You must come to this event cause you could know how is Economy in Indonesia directly from the experts. And youths coming to this seminar are the hopes for better Indonesia.

HOW - You can register yourself and your friends (cause you can get 1 free tickets for every 5 tickets you buy) by following the step on this poster. Or, cause you are my loyal readers, please just send a message or anything to let me know that you want to join the seminar. I have some tickets with special prices. And I swear I don't lie. My contacts are on the "Connect!" tag at the top of this blog.

So, see you in Sawunggaling, top leaders!



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