Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pillow on the Flight


Wow, it's already Sunday again. And Idul Fitri is coming soon. It has been a week after my flight from Surabaya to Kotamobagu to celebrate Idul Fitri with my parents. It's not a good situation have a flight while you're fasting. Moreover, I'm the one who often get airsickness. I can't enjoy my flight with eating. But then, I had something to enjoy, having some pictures with my purple pocket camera! ♥

I realized that it could ease my airsickness. Simple effects on my camera and these neck pillows helped me on taking pictures. Hihihi :)

also enjoyed my Hijabella Magazine

My cousin wore two neck pillows in one

This blue sky is awesome!!! Subhanallah
Happy Sunday! :)

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